Cryptocurrency Ranking

bitcoin ranking

It is hard to characterise cryptocurrency ranking of crypto currencies. To do the cryptocurrency ranking analysis we need to analyze their classification, identifies the main factors influencing their supply and demand, analyzes the key indicators of the leading blockchains in order to determine the market prospects of such currency as the modern payment system.

But there is cryptocurrency ranking number one and it is Bitcoin! We can talk about it whole day! But our goal is to get acquainted to the cryptocurrency ranking system as a whole mechanism or crypto market if you want.

First of all cryptocurrency ranking means that we range something. And we are going to measure cryptocurrency ranking judging by its total market capitalisation, price per one unit, quantity of units, was there fork or not and many other criteria that will help us make cryptocurrency ranking system.
Formal and essential features of the cryptocurrency may be represented as a digital value of [removed] amount of money which can be bought and sold in digital form and put into cryptocurrency ranking system judging by:
1) the exchange means;
2) the counting unit;
3) a store of value, but does not have legal status in any jurisdiction (is not from a normative point of view, a legitimate means of payment on the national level).

At the same time, the cryptocurrency can be interpreted as a numerical expression of the value (amount of actual money), which is issued by not traditional issuers of modern forms of money — the Central Bank, credit institutions or specialized issuers of electronic money, but may partially be used as an alternative to the recognized forms of money in the calculations in the electronic networks. So we can make cryptocurrency ranking basing on crypto currency purpose. Typically, the cryptocurrency implies the existence of a particular scheme, describing the process of creating and transmitting its value. It is convenient to judge cryptocurrency ranking by its total market capitalisation: Bitcoin — over 150 billion US dollars, Etherium 83 billion US dollars, Ripple 41.5 billion US dollars, etc. Global cryptocurrency ranking system no contains more than 1500 crypto currencies, thus, it is even harder to use cryptocurrency ranking system for those currencies at the bottom of the list.A decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin has the highest values of both market capitalization and exchange rates and the volume of its trading, thus, it occupies top 1 of cryptocurrency ranking system. And we think that this trend will continue.

World cryptocurrency ranking number one was established in 2008 by a programmer or maybe a group of programmers, (no one knows for sure) known under the japanese name Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is one of the most valued and traded alternatives to traditional national currencies. Bitcoin is a currency code algorithm that is not regulated by anyone, even any country or bank supervisory institute in the world; and has a personal emission center. Thus, emission Bitcoin is limited algorithmically: and mathematically as well as theoretically, each owner of a supercomputer can get Bitcoin by use of computing power, but there is a limit the total number of cryptocurrency units in circulation. And this is also very important statement in global cryptocurrency ranking system.

On the part of payers of cryptocurrency ranking system, this means that there must be a sufficiently large number of owners who want to use the cryptocurrency payments and from retail outlets — a sufficiently large number of sellers willing to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Thus, the “network effects” (a network utility for each of its members) will be strengthened as a result of the accession of new members to the network calculations, which in turn would receive from joining the network a significant benefit. As a result the cryptocurrency ranking system as we know now may change dramatically!

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